A unified call for the dismissal of the Syrian Minister of Misleading Media, Mohsin Bilal

Together, we call for the dismissal of the Syrian Minister of Misleading Media, Mohsin Bilal, along with the heads of all of the official media : Adnan Mahmoud, head of the Syrian News Agency 'SANA', Fouad Sharbaji, director of 'Syria News', and the directors of the news department of the Syrian television and the Syrian international television channel.

Syrian people, including the recent martyrs, have been paying taxes to cover the salaries of these misleaders of media, so they can spread lies and shameless propaganda and hide the truth, whilst involving themselves in financial and administrative corruption and nepotism.

These media misleaders, led by Mohsin Bilal, are participating in covering up the shootings of Syrian civilian protesters and hiding the ongoing theft of the people by corrupt commercial and industrial monopolising. They also work with the state security to persecute and imprison journalists, and to restrict their work and salaries.

This minister and his staff shamelessly go on television telling lie after lie about living conditions and the media and legal situation in Syria. He has been classified as an enemy of free media by several media institutions in the world for continuously preventing Syrians from expressing themselves on their own television which is run by their own money.

Mohsin Bilal carries the title of 'Doctor', and yet Syrians know nothing of his medicine apart from his cauterisation and abortion of an honest Syrian media. He doesn't hesitate to vilify journalists for no reason, sack media correspondents, prohibit the distribution of magazines and news papers, censor Syrian and non-Syrian media websites and issue laws to limit the freedom of visual, audio and printed media.

This is an invitation to all journalists working in the official Syrian media organisations to avoid publishing the false news which encourages sectarianism and is being promoted by their directors in SANA, Syrian News TV, the Syrian broadcasting website and the Ministry of Media. Let us write honestly without letting people such as Mohsin Bilal, Fouad Sharbaji, Adnan Mahmoud use the blood of our martyrs to protect the criminals who fired upon them, having already stolen their means of living.

Together, let's get rid of the Syrian Minister of Misleading Media, Mohsin Bilal.

Khaled El Elekhetyar – Syrian Journalist

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